We love the craft of creating sound and music.

The fine detail that makes great audio, exceptional.

Folding Waves is a studio of award-winning composers, sound designers, musicians and mixing engineers, with a shared passion for film, animation and the role of music and sound in storytelling.

The studio was founded by Damian Molony and Simon Bird, who became friends and collaborators while working in Windmill Lane Pictures’ audio post-production department; Number 4. Simon has twice been Emmy-nominated for his work as a sound editor, while Damian and Simon jointly won a Gold Shark for Best New Sound Designers at the Kinsale Shark Awards 2019.

Damian Molony

Co-founder, Composer

Simon Bird

Co-founder, Sound Designer

If you’re working on a short film, commercial, VR/AR project, game, or anything that moves, we’d love to hear from you.