Folding Waves

Story is the beating heart that drives everything we do. Every film, every project, is a sound world waiting to be discovered.

We compose, synthesize, produce and engineer, the fine line between the waves, where music meets sound design.

Folding Waves is an international award-winning team of composers, sound designers and mixing engineers, with a shared passion for film, motion design and the role of music and sound in storytelling. We collaborate with directors, studios, agencies and brands across the globe, tracing movement with sound to reveal the music of motion. From storyboards to final mix, every project is a conversation, an opportunity to raise hairs and challenge norms. For us, perfect harmony between sound and motion is transcendent; a whole greater than the sum of its parts; a place you can feel but can’t explain.

Our job is to take you there.


Gold Motion Award (; Silver Cannes Lion; Bronze Cannes Lion; Gold Kinsale Shark; Bronze Kinsale Shark; Silver ICAD; Bronze ICAD; Best of Stash Magazine; Vimeo Staff Pick

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